Производственное здание

Хозяйственный корпус, ул. 30 лет Победы, 23 ст4

г. Тюмень, Тюменская область, Восточный area.
Spare parts for Opel, Spare parts for Korean cars, Spare parts for Honda, Manual transmission repair and replacement, Reclaimed car parts, Spare parts for European cars, Spare parts for Hyundai, Car service center (ARS), Computerized diagnostics, Motor spares for foreign cars, Spareparts for Toyota, Vehicle recovery, Spare parts for Chevrolet, Buses repair, Repair of petrol engines, Spare parts for Japanese cars, Diesel engines repair, Spare parts for Nissan, Spare parts for Mitsubishi, Spare parts for Kia
Car service center (ARS), Computerized diagnostics, Body repair, car painting, Vehicle chassis repair

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